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PHYSICAL PROPERTIES This mineral is a pink to purplish fortification agate exhibiting white patterns of, usually, circles or ovoids. It is generally found in the form of nodules.

METAPHYSICAL PROPERTIES Botswana agate encourages one to “explore” the unknown and further your quest toward an enlightened state. It enhances creativity and helps to release emotions that have been repressed. Botswana agate allows you to look toward a solution rather than dwell on the problem. It also assists in the recognition that eternal love is a constant in the ever-changing universe.

WHY SPIRIT THINKS IT IS AN IMPORTANT CRYSTAL THIS MONTH The Spirits feel botswana agate will assist you to realize that eternal love is the constant in this ever-changing universe. It will also help you maintain conscientiousness and vigilance in tasks. Botswana agate will help you remain attentive to your situation and other important situations around you.

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