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What do you do with the truth?

Scott Stabile is already a phenomenon in the world of social media, and he’s a regular contributor to The Huffington Post. Now he’s about to make waves in the world of print, with this very relevant group of reflections on life. His message is deceptively simple—face life full on with eyes wide open and engage what you find honestly.

It’s a book that’s as much about truth as it is about love, but he writes from a place of spiritual insight where those two words begin to become synonymous. His language is as direct as his approach to life. He doesn’t shy away from the tough stuff but he shows us, over and over again, that we can choose not to become victims of our circumstances. It’s a powerful message for today’s chaotic times.

My favorite thing about this book is that Scott Stabile is gay. He lets us know that early in his writings but then he moves on to more universal territory. There is nothing gender, racial, or sexual-orientation specific in the thoughts that he shares with readers. This is the new spirituality. It is person-to-person based, a joining of hands without judgement, and an exchange of wisdom gained. Scott Stabile has made a sizeable contribution with this book. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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