Ministerial Muses—6.2.2017—e-Diary Book Expo

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I’ll admit that I wasn’t looking forward to the crowds at Book Expo when I headed out yesterday morning. However, shortly after I arrived, I turned a corner and saw a familiar face. My friend Monique from New World Library.

She wasn’t supposed to be there but there was a last minute scheduling change. She’s always really busy at these things but we had time for a bear hug and a few personal update sentences.

After that my mood was considerably better. I picked up a lot of newly printed catalogs and a few advance review copies, as I made my way up and down every aisle making sure I didn’t miss anything or anybody.

It was about 2:30 when I got to Red Wheel Weiser. I had made an appointment to see Bonni at 4:30. It turned out that the 4:30 invite was actually for a cupcake and champagne party at the booth to celebrate their 60th anniversary. I had a lively and informative conversation about upcoming product lines with Debra. (RWW starts distributing a terrific line of card decks in July. There’ll be lots of them on

After going through all the catalogs with Debra, I took a break to relax and check email, then I headed back to RWW. Bonni is vegan and she found a bakery that makes vegan red devil cupcakes. They looked fabulous and tasted even better.

Darrell kept the bubbly flowing …

… And Bonni was at her multi-tasking best, personally serving the cupcakes while she seriously talked books.

I’d forgotten how much fun the Mind/Body/Spirit publishing people are. It was good to be reminded.

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