Ministerial Muses—5.30.17—e-Diary Book Expo

Posted May 30th, 2017 by anna and filed in Ministerial Muses
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I’m finally getting back to blogging after months of stress and chaos. I wish I was updating you about the Goddess Garden. I will be spending more time in the FLorida center from now on, but I had to interrupt my reorganization of the space down there to come to New York for Book Expo at the Javits this week.

I was looking forward to spending months redoing the house in Florida, setting up a primary office, as well as getting the Garden shaped up. Yet, here I am back in the hustle and bustle I’ve come to dread, dealing with traffic and unpleasant mass transportation to get to appointments.

Fortunately, I had arranged to take several friends to brunch yesterday to thank them for their help in packing up the office here in New York. It was so good to see them again and to be able to relax and catch up. Life really is about people. I’m going to use that as my mantra for the rest of the week.

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