Ministerial Muses—1-29-17

Posted January 29th, 2017 by anna and filed in Ministerial Muses
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I’ve never been much of a protestor. In the 60″s when my friends were buying gas masks, I spent Saturdays volunteering at the Children’s Art Carnival of Harlem. I went initially to make the world a better place. As these things work, it ended up being my refuge during a very sad time in my life. The staff and other volunteers were very kind to me and the instant gratification of seeing a child light up just because I brought them more red paint kept me going. (And THANK YOU Betty Blayton Taylor for inviting me into that world.)

So, as I watch the disruptor phenomenon take over our government, I encourage those of you with real helping skills (as opposed to a desire to rescue) to follow the Melinda and Bill Gates paradigm. Rather than rage at the abuses, seek out victims who are desperate to become survivors and offer them your help. If you look at MelindaFrenchGates on Instagram, you’ll find wonderful photos of women facing insurmountable obstacles who have refused to go down for the count.

We can make this a better world, but not by constantly giving up our energy to negativity.

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