Ministerial Muses—10.11.16

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They gathered hesitantly, just before sunset, as the moon was waxing.
They weren’t sure why the ancestors had asked them to be there.
Some of them hadn’t seen each other for quite some time.
As she welcomed them all, casually and with friendship, they began to relax and reminisce.
The Seven Sisters — by arriving as requested they had agreed to become that — The Seven Sisters.
The intense energy made them all uncomfortable, in different ways.
But soon the ancestors had smoothed out the rough edges and blended the various essences in a keynote…
The silent sound carried them all to a place which they recognized but hadn’t expected to visit.
“Why are we here?” she asked.
“Because you have all answered the call to be in service regardless of the personal cost.”
She had intended to ask more questions, but the words had silenced her thoughts.
They returned to the physical plane together, reunited by something which they did not understand.
“Understanding is over rated.”
“What should we do next?” she asked.
“Whatever is asked of you.”
The Sisters smiled and began chatting amongst themselves.

Expect life to respond to your requests now. Think carefully. What have you requested? Serenity, money, love, understanding … It will be clear to you what the consequences of the choice you have made will be. Don’t try and change the results. There are no do-overs at this level. Work with what you asked for.

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