Ministerial Muses—10.4.15

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The Herbie Rose Village of the Arts Center, Gallery, and Gardens opened this weekend at the ArtWalk in the Village of the Arts.

Zoe Von Averkamp did her usual outstanding job despite the recent loss of Jerry, her beloved husband of 57 years. The Center displays a selection of Herbie’s work in an understated and very serene environment.

There are lots of original watercolors (carefully curated by his wife Graciela Giles) as well prints of his work. I was struck by his cutting edge use of color. He drew on his tropical roots and elevated it to something new and unique. I remembered the exhibit of FSU faculty art I recently saw at the The Ringling Museum. I was also struck by the collective use of “neo-tropical” color and light in that exhibit. As my friend Bernie Popovich and I looked through this carefully selected collection of Herbie’s work, I couldn’t help but think that he had influenced a whole group of local artists with his work. His legacy is indeed something to be proud of.

CLICK HERE to see more of Herbie’s work.

Old-timers like myself know that the Village of the Arts exists because of Herbie’s stature, vision, persistence, and ability to get others to work together toward a common goal. I happened to cross his path at Playing for Change a few weeks ago. He and Graciela were enjoying the music of the day despite his recent serious health challenges. He greeted me with his mile-wide smile and a hearty hello. I wasn’t sure he actually knew who I was. It didn’t matter. He welcomed everyone into his world with the same robust enthusiasm. He is one a kind. Bradenton is lucky to be graced with his presence.

This week finally brings the relief we’ve been promising you. Adversaries are finally running out of ammunition. Naysayers are finally starting to doubt their preset convictions. As you discover that you are one of the few left standing, your world will become a much happier place. Empowerment comes from inner strength, not from outer defenses. Stay centered in resolve and watch your world become a heavenly place.

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