Garden e-Diary 9.16.15

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Between flooding in my yard, drug dealer harassment, and a friend who almost died, I’m struggling to keep myself together. (Not whining, just reporting.)

The yard has flooded three times now. I kept hoping that it would drown the weeds but, to the contrary, it kept me away from them for the better part of a week each time while they grew faster and faster.

The good news is that no more dead animals have been left in my yard. The bad news is that someone (?!) called Code Enforcement and told them that I was building along the back of the property without a permit. What I was doing on the back of the property was digging my bougainvilla out from under the potato vines that grew over the fence from the overgrown vacant lot behind me.

But that’s a never-ending tale. Let me tell you the more interesting saga of the The Little Bougainvilla Who Could.

I planted him, front and center on the property line, to try and mask the mess across the street. This is what he looked like in November 2012.

I kept asking him to grow thick and tall, along with the oleanders on each side of him, to give me something beautiful to look out on. This is what he looked like in April 2013.

Even when the oleander to his east was killed with used transmission fluid, he kept his will to live.

When I left in May, this is what he looked like.

When I returned in July, this was his appearance.

He seems to have thrived on our recent flooding rains, even though bougainvillea traditionally don’t like to have “wet feet”.

Finally! He got big enough to mask the tow truck parked across the street.

The tow truck quickly retaliated.


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