Garden e-Diary 7.29.15

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Once again, the weeds in the front yard took preference over the Goddess Garden e-Diary. I’m taking advantage of a heavy rain day to start to get you caught up.

I’m putting a large pathway across the front yards of both properties and banking up to make flower beds along it. I sprayed the yard with a weed killer before I left town thinking that it would keep the unfinished landscape project under control until I got back. It didn’t. I was appalled by the mess in the yard when I arrived and started pulling weeds as soon as I could get changed into work clothes.

I’m making slow but steady progress—but let me start with yesterday’s project. The Mango Bed at the Front Jasmine Gate. This is what it looked like when I left town in May.

It was in pretty good shape when I got back to town, but after two weeks of rain the weeds had started to take over.

I spent the morning digging in the yard next door (more about that later). After a heavy rain shower, I got to work pulling weeds in the Mango Bedand this was the result.

Next I set about removing the broken trellis limb. I put branches into the cement block openings around the garden to serve as support for plants while they were getting started. It worked well for several years, then the last time I was in town, they started to mysteriously break off. Almost every morning, I found another one had broken along the front of the property (none of the branches inside the property suffered the same fate.) Most of the branches were still in fairly solid shape, not rotted off but clearly snapped off with some force. I removed most of them. The one at the Front Jasmine Gate didn’t get taken down before I left town. I carefully cut it loose from the Jasmine twines and the Mango Bed was back in shape and ready for the last growth spurt of the summer!

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