Ministerial Muses—Anxiety—1.4.15

Posted January 4th, 2015 by anna and filed in Ministerial Muses, Phoenix Poems
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Anxiety is fear dressed up
and made presentable.

It can vibrate so quietly
that it is almost imperceptible.

It can sneak up on us
when we least expect it.

It can increase in intensity
until it blocks out almost
every other sensation.

It erodes our happiness
and our health
if it is ignored.

It lets us know
that something isn’t right
if we listen to its plea for help.

We can form a partnership
with anxiety.

We can use it
to keep ourselves moving forward.

We can use it
to make the changes
that we are reluctant to make.

We can use it
as an excuse to do nothing.
We can hide behind it.

Anxiety is a sign
that growth is possible
if we rise to the challenge.

Anxiety is the rapids
which we must navigate
to get to the next level.

What lies beyond the rapids
is never clear —
until we are on the other side of them.

Anxiety is the gift
that puts our life
back into our own hands.

© 2015 Anna Jedrziewski and InannaWorks

This week brings healing, resolution, and conclusions. Whatever you have been working for arrives. The news is mostly good, barring the odd disappointment. Whatever missed the mark was not meant to be. Something better will present itself soon. Celebrate your accomplishments but keep moving. There is still much ground to cover.

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