Ministerial Muses—Fear—12.28.14

Posted December 28th, 2014 by anna and filed in Ministerial Muses, Phoenix Poems
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Fear seeps into every cell
once it gains access.
We are programmed to
awaken to its prompting.

A sense of well-being
is more difficult to maintain.
It requires effort to sustain.

Fear fills the screen of perception
and becomes all that we can see.

Fear pounds through our veins
and thunders in our ears.

Fear fills us with adrenaline
and makes us want to lash out.

Fear separates us from others.
It drowns out our sense of connection.

Fear makes everything
except reaction impossible.

We must train ourselves
to react by shutting down
the fear response.

To respond to fear
with calm and active grace
is the step upward.

The presence must be
pumped through our veins
with unwavering diligence.

With effort, it will become
a natural response
to external stress.

In time, it will be
the instinctual choice
we make when assaulted.

It will become
our way of being.

First, however, it will
wait in the wings
for us to summon it.

© 2014 Anna Jedrziewski and InannaWorks

The new vibrations announce their presence with a bang this week. Expect major changes and major movement forward. The restraints have been lifted and momentum picks up quickly. Don’t mistake movement for achievement, but also recognize that some activity is meant only to move you to a better position without immediate gain. Inner wisdom is more important now than ever.

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