Ministerial Muses—Cocoon—12.7.14

Posted December 7th, 2014 by anna and filed in Ministerial Muses, Phoenix Poems
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The smoke from the fire pit cocoons me
as I search the dancing flames
for mystical salamanders.

I know that I am changing.
The world reflects my status.

Burning off outworn parts of myself hurts.
Loss is never easy.
It doesn’t matter what is lost,
the surrendering of it is distressing.

I search the sky, looking for opportunities.
Releasing opens the door for blessings.
The sky is cloudy, like the smoke.

I am in the middle of the process.
There is no clarity yet.
The stars speak to those who know
where they are going.

I see a salamander jump from under a log
across the dancing flames.
It lifts my heart a bit.
It disappears within the smoke and
I return to my lonely reverie.

Being stripped bare is scary stuff.
The less that’s left, the more will come.
A bird in the hand….
I’m arguing with myself.

The flames dance higher in a sudden burst.
My attention is turned back to the process.
In the middle of transformation there is only process.

I will be all right.
I am always all right.
Is that a good thing?

What will I become?
What am I trying to become?
I don’t remember the plan anymore.
I think the plan is transforming as well.

I must remain suspended
despite the anxiety of uncertainty.
Anxiety is the internal flame of change.
Anxiety replaces desire as fuel for the engine
when the soul is moving up the ladder.

I only see the smoke.
My eyes begin to burn.
I surrender and move my chair away.
I have had enough transformation for today.

© 2014 Anna Jedrziewski and InannaWorks

Things are changing to a more comfortable circumstance. It’s not your imagination. The stress is abating and will continue to do so. Survey your world and prioritize things that need replaced in order of importance now. You might be surprised what you pick. Go with your instincts and steer clear of uninvited advice.

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