Ministerial Muses—Garden e-Diary 11.30.14

I haven’t updated you on the Mango Bed at the front of the driveway. When I got back to Bradenton in October, the grass had made another substantial takeover attempt.

The good news was that the Creeping Peanut I planted (to block the growth of grass and weeds) is finally making substantial progress also.

I started dealing with the grass invasion the first few days after I got back and continued in between my digging and banking up the front bed.

Then I started added lemongrass trimmings as mulch to block weeds and protect the plants and the little mango tree from potential freezes.

The asparagus fern was looking a little yellow when I first got back and I wasn’t sure what the problem was.

After a few good rains it perked up, nice and green again.

The faeries were happy with the progress that I made. Of course, it wasn’t even half of what I hoped to get done, so I appreciated their support.

I’m hoping that the cooler weather and shorter days will slow down regrowth of weeds while I’m out of town so that I can focus on forward progress when I get back. I’ll miss the faeries and my firepit and the butterflies and birds — and of course my flowers!

This is a week of resolution. Life will become less chaotic. The road ahead will be made clear. If you have faced recent challenges with your eyes open, you will realize that you have gained much because of your efforts. Move forward with a glad heart and an open mind.

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