Ministerial Muses—e-Garden Diary 11.23.14

I continued adding soil and sub-mulch to the front bed last week. I began with finishing up my “dedicated area of concentration”.

Then I allowed myself to move eastern along the bed weeding and adding sub-mulch to a slightly larger area of concentration. (I do get bored working in one small spot too long even if it is more productive.)

Finally, I created some diversion for myself by cutting up dried branches to make mulch along the front edge of the bed. We had a nice rain which helped to secure the leaves in place.

The faeries are busy doing their own thing, both here and at Clay in the Garden. Our Faerie Tour was peaceful. The bootleg businesses in the ‘hood did a noise offensive last week. Five different properties taking turns making noise almost nonstop for the better part of the week. (Follow the saga on Twitter #MidTownManatee?) Another neighbor and I called the Sheriff’s Office several times and now it’s quieter again. Thank You!

This week produces big gains. Continue working but also make sure to create down time so that the results of your labor will have space to manifest. The mental fog clears and reorganization will be possible and worthwhile. Don’t let kickback from envious distractors throw you off your game. It’s your turn to move forward.

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