Garden e-Diary 11.19.14

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I’ve made quite a bit of progress moving dirt, even though the final goal still looms far off in the future.

The work to date has been very successful in relieving the problem of flooding because of runoff from across the street. (I’ve got some serious drainage ditches now.) We had a fairly substantial rain Monday night and not only was there no water in my carport, there was almost no water in my driveway! A miracle!

I’m using the sandy, shell-filled layers of dirt on the front of the bed to delineate the thriving wedelia from the hibiscus, palms, and firecracker plants. It’s starting to be very pretty which is a reward I need desperately.

The topsoil, I’m putting on the back of the bed, building up a layer around the plants to keep more moisture in the soil for them. They’ve been struggling because the little bit of extra height makes the bed dry out much faster in the summer heat.

The last few days I’ve started adding another layer of serious yard trimmings as sub-mulch.

Next I’ll put more soil on top of the cuttings. It seems like a never ending cycle, and in some ways I guess it always will be.

As for the faeries, they seem to be keeping a low profile. When I ask to have them touch in with me, a few will oblige. They always seem to have a twinkle in their eyes, so I’m encouraged that things are moving along the way they should be.

To be continued…

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