Ministerial Muses—Demise—11.16.14

Posted November 16th, 2014 by anna and filed in Ministerial Muses, Phoenix Poems
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Fear rolls through a dying society on softly padded paws,
like a misty tsunami,
obscuring the truth.

In already decaying neighborhoods, it builds up strength.
A dull roar at first,
then a pounding drumbeat,
and finally the sound of thundering hooves
destroying everything in their path.

In fancier neighborhoods, it whispers quietly in the night.
First to the children.
“Don’t think about how scared you are.
Turn the anxiety into fear and attack,
or disappear into hopelessness
and refuse to participate.
This is not your fault,
and you can never make it better.”

The secret weapon is isolation.
Any effort at resuscitation must be squelched,
Hope must never gain a foothold.
Hope is like a disease without a cure.
If someone catches hope and spreads it to another,
demise might suddenly become strength on the next level.
“When two of you ask in my name.”
Anyone who still believes in the miracle
must be silenced by whatever means necessary.

And this is the most important thing…
The enemy must always be somewhere else.
Don’t ever let the citizenry focus on fixing
the problem in their own backyard.
The battle must always be at a distance.
All effort must be expended in futile attempts
to change things over which there can never be control.

As the sound of thundering hooves gets closer,
I want to save you but I can’t.
We all decide whether or not we will survive.
Our choice is our legacy
and the lesson we leave to those
who come after us.

Who will embrace that tolling bell …
and who does the tolling …
and who will be left to hear it …

© 2014 Anna Jedrziewski and InannaWorks

This is the week when truth begins to make sense. Rebirth is never easy. That’s a myth. Rising like the phoenix happens in the minute between deciding to transcend and beginning the work at the next level. No one can live there. Recognize the work that fills your life with joy and embrace it with all your heart. The rewards are in your efforts.

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