Garden e-Diary 11.11.14

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I had business obligations on Wednesday, so it was late afternoon before I could get back to work in the yard. I picked up where I left off on Tuesday….

and worked adding layers of dirt and tree trimmings to the area I had designated to work on.

I decided to apply my “focused” strategy to the area I was getting dirt from as well as the area I was banking up. I began removing dirt from a concentrated area, finishing it up as I went so it would be ready to add gravel fill to when I was done.

By the end of the day, I had added several layers of trimmings and dirt around the hibiscus and the sabal palm.

This morning I began again, adding dirt then adding trimmings.

The noise from across the street started later today than it has perviously this week. Allied waited until after dark to crank up the car stereo sonic bass.

This afternoon I noticed a new tow truck in the neighborhood, Duque Towing. They hauled half a black SUV out of one of the bays in the industrial complex down the block. Do you know how much noise it makes to cut an SUV in half? No wonder these guys are blasting car stereos to cover their tracks. I woke up at 1:30 am Tuesday night/Wednesday morning because the sonic blast had increased. I went out onto the carport to see where it was coming from. The sonic boom.boom.boom was coming from Allied’s friends on 27th Ave W who party in their driveway all night with disco speakers blasting out of the garage. But Allied was still lit up like a Nevada whorehouse and running commercial equipment. I guess it doesn’t matter where the cover noise comes from, as long as it drives law abiding property owners crazy. And it does drive us crazy. I was half sick all day Wednesday from lack of sleep and stress. Once again — for those of you who’ve miss it — if you’re buying illegal drugs, you are funding a war against this country. It’s billions of dollars, tax free that they steal from all of us, and they’re destroying this country one neighborhood at a time. When are we going to make them stop??????

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