Ministerial Muses—Garden e-Diary 11.9.14

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Thanks to the efforts of our beloved Jim Browning, the front of the yard was “passable” when I returned to Bradenton.

The view from behind the scenes was a very different story!

I began pulling weeds the first night I was back in town, feeling guilty that my neighbors had had such a mess to deal with in my absence.

Slowly but surely I began making a dent in the overgrown beds. I returned to the job of adding soil. I’m trenching the yard next to my driveway to stop the flooding of my carport (that saga is on the blog going back a few years).

Moving dirt from one side of the property to another is more time consuming that you might think, but I am making progress and I am determined to have the front bed under control by the time I leave town.

The bootleg businesses in the neighborhood did another noise attack this past week, rattling windows, racing loud car engines up and down the street after dark, and one of them is spray painting without a filter (sooooo pleasant!). You can follow that ongoing saga on Twitter at #SonicBombardment, #MidTownManatee?

And the faeries….
When I tuned in during the noise, the bigger ones just smiled and said “Be patient. They’re digging themselves into a deeper hole.” The smaller ones had their hands over their ears, shaking their heads. The little ones don’t like the noise and they don’t like the negative energy that travels out on the noise. I’ve started lighting a candle next the statute of Ganesh my friend Bernie gave me. Ganesh is the remover of obstacles. The faeries and I can hope!

This is the week to take a major step forward. If you have been putting off the launch of a special project, get it out there now! The energies of new starts, transformations, and unexpected progressions has arrived. Maximize the gains. Don’t lose heart. You have gotten this far by sheer force of will. Close the deal.

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