Garden e-Diary 10.30.14

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Once again I was required to spend more time north than I expected because of business. While it appears we had a long dry spell that caused leaf browning on many of the plants, it didn’t seem to deter the weeds much. Upon arrival, I began serious clean-up efforts trying to get things back in shape.

The faeries seemed pleased to see me. They have been whispering to each other and giggling as if they know a secret that I haven’t learned yet. Ij’m just glad they’re happy.

We have a new unlicensed auto business on the block which means more commercial vehicles parked around and more large trucks travelling our poor little road. It also appears that the business across the street has new partners. There are lots of vehicles (some untagged) parked in the right-of-way on both sides of the street …

… and they seem to have started up their outdoor car stereo business again. Tuesday morning my windows started rattling at 7:00 am and were still rattling when I left at 9:00 am. This morning it didn’t start up until 10:00 am, when they opened up the doors on a dark red SUV and cranked up the volume. I left at 10:40 am. When I returned an hour later it was quiet but at 12:05 pm the red SUV started rocking the neighborhood again and continues as I write. Welcome to the new and improved Mid-Town Manatee (or at least within a block of it).

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