Ministerial Muses—e-Garden Diary 9.21.14

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Time to talk Faeries again. I had less interaction with them during my last stay in Florida, partly because I had so much yard work to do, and partly because I spent more time socializing with humans.

When I did tune in to see what they were up to, I discovered bustling energy. The Goddess Garden has turned into a thriving metropolis. The same thing was true when we did the Faerie Tour at Clay in the Garden. Large numbers of faeries, coming from all over the globe, are establishing colonies in the two gardens and making themselves at home.

Once I had been in residence for a few weeks, I began to wonder why I hadn’t heard more from them. They didn’t seem to care that I was back — not that I was spending much time trying to contact them. The afternoon that I began to think about it I discovered that the little magenta lilies were full of buds. The next morning when I went out (with my coffee) and took a look this was what I saw.

My beloved Fae Folk made it clear that they hadn’t abandoned me. They were still there to cheer me on as I pulled weeds in 100° heat. It’s a magical world I live in, it’s true.

This week more of you will begin to understand how much progress you have made the last few years. As the pendulum picks up momentum in its forward swing, the benefits of the time of strengthening become clearer. Opportunities will present themselves. Choose carefully. These are major decisions that will have great impact on your future.

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