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Hay House


Are you ready for this?

It was decades ago when Louise Hay opened the floodgates to the world of alternative healing with You Can Heal Your Life. Now that those seeds have come into full blossom, it seems natural that she would be the one to move it all up to the next level. The science of wellness, including cutting-edge nutrition and lifestyle changes, is at the tipping point. Even recent PBS pledge drives were weighted heavily with programs about eating to improve health and happiness. Almost everyone in this country must now be aware that the high calorie/low nutrient diet most Americans subscribe to is a death sentence. Yet change is difficult — UNLESS — you become engaged by the bigger picture. The BIGGER PICTURE is exactly what Louise Hay is delivering … and the BIGGER PICTURE is LOVE!

From “we learn to paint the picture we want other people to see” to putting “healthy-food time” on your daily calendar to the metaphysical meaning of poop, Louise Hay is moving the issues of obesity and self-destructive behavior into the spiritual realm. At that level there are only two choices: love and fear. With this groundbreaking book, she is telling readers how to embrace love first and let healthy lifestyle choices fall into place afterwards.

She has chosen two associates who are experts in nutrition and wellness practice to fill in the details. They have done a superb job of that. Once the information is solidly in place, Louise Hay puts it all into context, explaining how easy it can be to let go of fear and choose love once we have decided to do that.

In case you have now become afraid that this is a mood-altering, motivational tome delivered from the mountain top and just out of reach, be assured that this book contains solid physical plane facts and lots of them. Cutting-edge nutrition, which is suddenly cropping up everywhere you look, is covered thoroughly in highly readable discussions. The book itself is extremely well-organized making it a valuable resource tool on many levels.

My favorite section is the recipes at the end. Loaded with snacks and desserts in addition to the basics, these recipes are appealing as well as nutritious.

At the age of 88, Louise Hay has proven that she began as she meant to continue. She’s still opening new doors and shouting the good news to the roof tops for the rest of us. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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This week brings a carefree tone that many of you have been missing for months. Trust the universe that the good news will continue and don’t worry yourself back under a cloud. Work will be required but it will flow easily and bring a solid sense of accomplishment. Enjoy.

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