Goddess Garden e-Diary Ministerial Muses — 8.24.14

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I can’t believe I’ve been back in Bradenton for almost 3 weeks now. The time goes so quickly. Let me start getting you caught up.

I had a knot in my stomach as my JetBlue flight landed at Bradenton/Sarasota Airport. I meant to return south in mid-July but because of business complications I needed to stay in New York for an extra 6 weeks. It’s summer. It’s the growing season. It’s also the rainy season. Was my roof leaking? Was mold growing over everything in my house. Of course, the weeds had taken over the flower beds, but how high had they actually gotten? I was literally sick about it.

Fortunately, things weren’t as bad as my nightmares about it all had been. There was still a small trickle of water coming through in the main room of the house but it was nothing compared to the waterfall I had faced in April. Mold was not a problem. About an hour of open windows and fans running cleared the stale smell out of the house.

The flower beds were a mess. But, Thank God for Jim Browning. He managed to keep it all looking contained enough so that it wasn’t a mega-disaster.

What about the Faeries, you ask????? They let me know right away that they were glad to see me. The marigold I planted in Sue’s snail planter was in full bloom. And the yellow snap dragon had one bloom on it. Snap dragons send negative energy back to where it originated and this little plant (with help from the elementals) had gone above and beyond to protect the yard while I was gone. The faeries took a bow.

After I settled in, I took a careful journey through the overgrowth in the back yard. I found yet another special greeting from the fae folk. The magenta mini-lily I found in the yard and replanted had a bloom on it. I know from past trips that the faeries have a special fondness for this little mysterious plant.

This next day the single “Welcome Back!” bloom had multiplied.

The day after that, a yellow bloom appeared on the hibiscus that guards the gateway to the Inner Sanctuary. Yellow is the color of intellectual stability and self-confidence. I accepted the blessing gratefully.

A few days later, one of my Grandmother Gaut’s exotic lilies bloomed. They bloom at night and fill the air with a wonderful fragrance. I’ve loved and protected this lily since I discovered it in the yard in 1985. I give bulbs to all my friends and acquaintances so that it will survive.

It was truly a magical “HELLO”, but you haven’t forgotten about the weeds in the flower beds have you? This is what the Center Surround looked like when I returned.

This is what the center surround looked like the next morning. A propitious start but lots more to do. The faeries seem to take it all in stride. I take comfort from their optimism.

The perverbial crap really begins to hit the fan this week. People who have gotten away with being nasty to others for way too long begin to be pulled up short. Are you one of them? If you are, don’t resist. Accept the lesson and say “THANK YOU”. If you’ve been on the receiving end of things, don’t gloat. It’s just more negative energy and negative energy has had its day. Create a positive image in your mind and stick with it. Otherwise you will be swallowed up by the black hole of karma and be required to face the lesson again. OH NO!!!!!

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