Goddess e-Diary Ministerial Muses—7.6.14

I finally found some breathing space to sort through my last Florida photos and put together a report on the West Gate Initiation that happened on May 11.

The West Gate has been colonized by Bird Faeries. The natural religious traditions I follow generally attribute the element of water, healing, and water sprites to the West. It was clear to me more than a year ago, however, that it would be Bird Faeries who predominantly settled there. The other Faerie Folk tend to steer clear of the area, although I am told that they are welcome there at their own discretion. (It’s interesting that Bird Faeries congregate on the west side of Jo Ellen Gorris’ Clay in the Garden where we do Faerie Tours.)

The core group of SCNY in Florida gathered in the afternoon for a special meditation to open and activate the new energies coming in from the West.

To prepare, I placed the glass trinket which Mary Keith bestowed on the Goddess Garden two Christmas’ ago in the West.

Then I added an ostrich egg which was given to me by Emily Stein, a long standing member of the New York group.

Next was the green glass crystal gifted to the faeries by Jo Ellen. (Green glass is good luck in a garden.)

Then came Jo Ellen’s wounded mermaid, which replaced the small fountain-planter I had originally put in the West. I lit a candle next to it; then lit a candle in the Tree Babka’s Sanctuary Light, and we were ready to begin.

The group entered the Sanctuary area from the West, transversed the Sanctuary Patio, and entered the outer level of the Inner Sanctum. The meditation was powerful but without much higher explanation. What was clear was that the Front Surround had been attuned and we were ready to begin working at the inner levels.

New levels of awareness become possible as the last of the clouds around the new energies disperse. Spend time in contact with higher level workers from the other realms. They will be very communicative this week. The opportunity to gain insight into the new consciousness won’t last forever. Make time to access this information this week.

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