Book of Interest—Angels and the Keys to Paradise

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Findhorn Press

This spellbinding metaphysical adventure tale takes us to the heart of ancient Egypt and a celestial “wormhole” in the Valley of the Kings. The astral portal opens up to reveal twelve distinct pathways, presumably used by the transitioning pharaohs as they made their way to the upper realms and the company of “The Shining Ones”.

Pearce quickly recognizes the pathways as part of a larger initiation process, and twelve Angels of Atlantis appear before him. As this astral journey continues, each of the twelve angels reveals the esoteric wisdom of their special pathway. The teachings not only offer help for the physical plane, but also guide the seeker through the associated initiation process.

Pearce’s intense narrative creates the illusion that one is watching his adventure as if it were a full-color movie. Guided meditations are included throughout and each of the twelve encounters is illustrated with one of Richard Crookes fabulous drawings from the Angel Heart Sigils of Atlantis card deck.

Whether you’re interested in angelic communication and ascension theory or not, this is an exciting read filled with lots of information about ancient Egypt, diverse spiritual traditions, and energy based healing systems.

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