3.9.14 Ministerial Muses — Book of Interest

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Dawn Publications

Are you ready for this?

Chad Wallace has created both an exciting, educational adventure and the endearing little critter with big brown eyes who is the adventurer. His little meadow mouse leaves “the comfort of his mother’s nest” to explore his teeming world from its “tangled reeds” to its “flowers, leaves, and weeds” to “a patch of rotting wood”. Along the way he talks to insects, mistakes a box turtle for a rock, is saved from a snake by a weasel, is comforted by a rabbit, and is rescued by an equally endearing little female mouse with whom he chats profoundly under a full moon, ending the book on a happy note and with a question mark.

Wallace has used this opportunity to transit into the world of electronic art. He created the illustrations digitally and prepared the book for both print and ebook production. In addition he helped create the amazing new pop-up app that Dawn Publications is offering to readers FREE. Loaded onto an Apple or Android mobile device the app (available at iTunes App Store, Amazon App Store, or Google Play) makes the book 3-D, with animation and narration. The magical experience made this jaded adult smile with delight.

Go to http://www.dawnpub.com/apps/3dpopup/ to download the free app and sample pages from the book to test run it on. Even if your primary experience of nature is at DisneyWorld, you don’t want to miss this one. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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