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Here’s a great book about Past Life Regression AND it comes with a chance to get free CD’s!

Findhorn Press

At a very young age Lorraine Flaherty began asking questions which the adults in her life, and in her parents’ mainstream religion-of-choice, couldn’t answer. She started searching for answers in alternative spiritual philosophies and soon discovered the esoteric traditions contained within many of those philosophies. Turning her back on a potentially successful acting career, she focused instead on Neuro Linguistic Programming and Clinical Hypnosis. Her work as a clinical hypnotherapist naturally led her to explore past life regression and she was hooked. Past Life Healing became a guiding star of her career.

This book is a natural outgrowth of her work. Writing clearly, with no ethereal trappings added for effect, she covers all the basics of past life regression, including soul groups, synchronicity, spirit attachments, releasing karma, and uncovering your life’s purpose. Accounts of her client’s past life work illustrate her discussions and the well-thought-out exercises she offers readers are clearly explained and easy to follow.

If you’re interested in past life regression and its use in healing, this is the place to begin or continue your studies. An added bonus: Flaherty’s second CD set (Inner Freedom II) includes both past life and future life guided meditations. I’ve listened to them and they’re great.

More Good News!!! Findhorn Press is offering a free set of Lorraine’s guided meditation CD’s ($50 value) to the first three people who send an email

• with “Inner Wisdom CD AJ” in the subject line

• containing their name and snail mail address

•and emailed to:

Good Luck!!!!

There will be lots of activity this week. Results will be achieved and stalled ventures will be launched. Show up (as they say in AA) or you’ll miss the rewards. You may be really tired but this is not the week to take a break.

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