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Hay House

Can you really heal yourself?

Louise Hay believes you can. For over three decades she has been publicly affirming that belief, creating a multi-national business along the way. Now Dr. Mona Schulz provides an updated review of Louise Hay’s famous practical-yet-intuitive concepts and adds a medically anchored, scientific foundation to the mix. The result is an exciting new synthesis of science and metaphysics — truly a match made in heaven.

The book is organized around seven emotional centers (some readers will recognize the chakra system) and the organs/body systems associated with those centers. Information about each center is merged with affirmations and case studies to help readers find their own way to the healing insights which will be of most value to them. Fans of Louise Hay will enjoy the expanded perspective of this refresher course. Readers new to Hay’s ideas will find an easily accessible path through Hay’s beloved self-healing protocol. There is truly magic on these pages, a magic known as LOVE.

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