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The April issue of Let the Spirit Guide You!™ will be available in a few days. It is available via email only. If you’re not already on our e-mailing list, please email us to request a copy.


The issue will contain a history of Reiki by Lorry Salluzzi, a reprise of Mary Keith’s story about a swamp walk, Bernie’s Crystal Corner, a 6-month forecast from the Guides, and a new Faerie story from Anna.



Loose ends get wrapped up this week. It will be a relief to have the slate clean again. It won’t stay that way for long. New projects are on the way. Prosperity is the order of the day. Indulge your senses and your bank account. We are all headed into an easier time. Be prepared to make hay while the sun shines.

Ministerial Muses—Garden e-Diary 11.30.14

I haven’t updated you on the Mango Bed at the front of the driveway. When I got back to Bradenton in October, the grass had made another substantial takeover attempt.

The good news was that the Creeping Peanut I planted (to block the growth of grass and weeds) is finally making substantial progress also.

I started dealing with the grass invasion the first few days after I got back and continued in between my digging and banking up the front bed.

Then I started added lemongrass trimmings as mulch to block weeds and protect the plants and the little mango tree from potential freezes.

The asparagus fern was looking a little yellow when I first got back and I wasn’t sure what the problem was.

After a few good rains it perked up, nice and green again.

The faeries were happy with the progress that I made. Of course, it wasn’t even half of what I hoped to get done, so I appreciated their support.

I’m hoping that the cooler weather and shorter days will slow down regrowth of weeds while I’m out of town so that I can focus on forward progress when I get back. I’ll miss the faeries and my firepit and the butterflies and birds — and of course my flowers!

This is a week of resolution. Life will become less chaotic. The road ahead will be made clear. If you have faced recent challenges with your eyes open, you will realize that you have gained much because of your efforts. Move forward with a glad heart and an open mind.

Ministerial Muses—e-Garden Diary 11.23.14

I continued adding soil and sub-mulch to the front bed last week. I began with finishing up my “dedicated area of concentration”.

Then I allowed myself to move eastern along the bed weeding and adding sub-mulch to a slightly larger area of concentration. (I do get bored working in one small spot too long even if it is more productive.)

Finally, I created some diversion for myself by cutting up dried branches to make mulch along the front edge of the bed. We had a nice rain which helped to secure the leaves in place.

The faeries are busy doing their own thing, both here and at Clay in the Garden. Our Faerie Tour was peaceful. The bootleg businesses in the ‘hood did a noise offensive last week. Five different properties taking turns making noise almost nonstop for the better part of the week. (Follow the saga on Twitter #MidTownManatee?) Another neighbor and I called the Sheriff’s Office several times and now it’s quieter again. Thank You!

This week produces big gains. Continue working but also make sure to create down time so that the results of your labor will have space to manifest. The mental fog clears and reorganization will be possible and worthwhile. Don’t let kickback from envious distractors throw you off your game. It’s your turn to move forward.

Garden e-Diary 11.19.14

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I’ve made quite a bit of progress moving dirt, even though the final goal still looms far off in the future.

The work to date has been very successful in relieving the problem of flooding because of runoff from across the street. (I’ve got some serious drainage ditches now.) We had a fairly substantial rain Monday night and not only was there no water in my carport, there was almost no water in my driveway! A miracle!

I’m using the sandy, shell-filled layers of dirt on the front of the bed to delineate the thriving wedelia from the hibiscus, palms, and firecracker plants. It’s starting to be very pretty which is a reward I need desperately.

The topsoil, I’m putting on the back of the bed, building up a layer around the plants to keep more moisture in the soil for them. They’ve been struggling because the little bit of extra height makes the bed dry out much faster in the summer heat.

The last few days I’ve started adding another layer of serious yard trimmings as sub-mulch.

Next I’ll put more soil on top of the cuttings. It seems like a never ending cycle, and in some ways I guess it always will be.

As for the faeries, they seem to be keeping a low profile. When I ask to have them touch in with me, a few will oblige. They always seem to have a twinkle in their eyes, so I’m encouraged that things are moving along the way they should be.

To be continued…

Garden e-Diary 11.11.14

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I was getting discouraged because I seemed to being making such slow progress on the front bed. I realized that because I was working across the whole bed, it seemed as if nothing much was getting done. So last night, I promised myself that I would zero in on a small section and work there exclusively today. I chose a hibiscus next to a sabal palm to be my designated target area.

I alternately added dirt and layered trimmings from the mango in the back yard to create the desired banked up area around the hibiscus and the palm.

At the end of the day, there was a noticeable difference but it still seemed “puny” when compared with the image I had in my mind when I started.

I reminded myself that I had cleared a fairly large section of the back yard and trimmed quite a bit off my mango tree. It still seems a small accomplishment, but it’s progress. Slow but steady wins the race.

The faeries are very supportive.They think we’re doing just fine!

Ministerial Muses—Garden e-Diary 11.9.14

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Thanks to the efforts of our beloved Jim Browning, the front of the yard was “passable” when I returned to Bradenton.

The view from behind the scenes was a very different story!

I began pulling weeds the first night I was back in town, feeling guilty that my neighbors had had such a mess to deal with in my absence.

Slowly but surely I began making a dent in the overgrown beds. I returned to the job of adding soil. I’m trenching the yard next to my driveway to stop the flooding of my carport (that saga is on the blog going back a few years).

Moving dirt from one side of the property to another is more time consuming that you might think, but I am making progress and I am determined to have the front bed under control by the time I leave town.

The bootleg businesses in the neighborhood did another noise attack this past week, rattling windows, racing loud car engines up and down the street after dark, and one of them is spray painting without a filter (sooooo pleasant!). You can follow that ongoing saga on Twitter at #SonicBombardment, #MidTownManatee?

And the faeries….
When I tuned in during the noise, the bigger ones just smiled and said “Be patient. They’re digging themselves into a deeper hole.” The smaller ones had their hands over their ears, shaking their heads. The little ones don’t like the noise and they don’t like the negative energy that travels out on the noise. I’ve started lighting a candle next the statute of Ganesh my friend Bernie gave me. Ganesh is the remover of obstacles. The faeries and I can hope!

This is the week to take a major step forward. If you have been putting off the launch of a special project, get it out there now! The energies of new starts, transformations, and unexpected progressions has arrived. Maximize the gains. Don’t lose heart. You have gotten this far by sheer force of will. Close the deal.

Garden e-Diary 10.30.14

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Once again I was required to spend more time north than I expected because of business. While it appears we had a long dry spell that caused leaf browning on many of the plants, it didn’t seem to deter the weeds much. Upon arrival, I began serious clean-up efforts trying to get things back in shape.

The faeries seemed pleased to see me. They have been whispering to each other and giggling as if they know a secret that I haven’t learned yet. Ij’m just glad they’re happy.

We have a new unlicensed auto business on the block which means more commercial vehicles parked around and more large trucks travelling our poor little road. It also appears that the business across the street has new partners. There are lots of vehicles (some untagged) parked in the right-of-way on both sides of the street …

… and they seem to have started up their outdoor car stereo business again. Tuesday morning my windows started rattling at 7:00 am and were still rattling when I left at 9:00 am. This morning it didn’t start up until 10:00 am, when they opened up the doors on a dark red SUV and cranked up the volume. I left at 10:40 am. When I returned an hour later it was quiet but at 12:05 pm the red SUV started rocking the neighborhood again and continues as I write. Welcome to the new and improved Mid-Town Manatee (or at least within a block of it).

Ministerial Muses—e-Garden Diary 9.21.14

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Time to talk Faeries again. I had less interaction with them during my last stay in Florida, partly because I had so much yard work to do, and partly because I spent more time socializing with humans.

When I did tune in to see what they were up to, I discovered bustling energy. The Goddess Garden has turned into a thriving metropolis. The same thing was true when we did the Faerie Tour at Clay in the Garden. Large numbers of faeries, coming from all over the globe, are establishing colonies in the two gardens and making themselves at home.

Once I had been in residence for a few weeks, I began to wonder why I hadn’t heard more from them. They didn’t seem to care that I was back — not that I was spending much time trying to contact them. The afternoon that I began to think about it I discovered that the little magenta lilies were full of buds. The next morning when I went out (with my coffee) and took a look this was what I saw.

My beloved Fae Folk made it clear that they hadn’t abandoned me. They were still there to cheer me on as I pulled weeds in 100° heat. It’s a magical world I live in, it’s true.

This week more of you will begin to understand how much progress you have made the last few years. As the pendulum picks up momentum in its forward swing, the benefits of the time of strengthening become clearer. Opportunities will present themselves. Choose carefully. These are major decisions that will have great impact on your future.

Goddess Garden e-Diary Ministerial Muses — 8.24.14

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I can’t believe I’ve been back in Bradenton for almost 3 weeks now. The time goes so quickly. Let me start getting you caught up.

I had a knot in my stomach as my JetBlue flight landed at Bradenton/Sarasota Airport. I meant to return south in mid-July but because of business complications I needed to stay in New York for an extra 6 weeks. It’s summer. It’s the growing season. It’s also the rainy season. Was my roof leaking? Was mold growing over everything in my house. Of course, the weeds had taken over the flower beds, but how high had they actually gotten? I was literally sick about it.

Fortunately, things weren’t as bad as my nightmares about it all had been. There was still a small trickle of water coming through in the main room of the house but it was nothing compared to the waterfall I had faced in April. Mold was not a problem. About an hour of open windows and fans running cleared the stale smell out of the house.

The flower beds were a mess. But, Thank God for Jim Browning. He managed to keep it all looking contained enough so that it wasn’t a mega-disaster.

What about the Faeries, you ask????? They let me know right away that they were glad to see me. The marigold I planted in Sue’s snail planter was in full bloom. And the yellow snap dragon had one bloom on it. Snap dragons send negative energy back to where it originated and this little plant (with help from the elementals) had gone above and beyond to protect the yard while I was gone. The faeries took a bow.

After I settled in, I took a careful journey through the overgrowth in the back yard. I found yet another special greeting from the fae folk. The magenta mini-lily I found in the yard and replanted had a bloom on it. I know from past trips that the faeries have a special fondness for this little mysterious plant.

This next day the single “Welcome Back!” bloom had multiplied.

The day after that, a yellow bloom appeared on the hibiscus that guards the gateway to the Inner Sanctuary. Yellow is the color of intellectual stability and self-confidence. I accepted the blessing gratefully.

A few days later, one of my Grandmother Gaut’s exotic lilies bloomed. They bloom at night and fill the air with a wonderful fragrance. I’ve loved and protected this lily since I discovered it in the yard in 1985. I give bulbs to all my friends and acquaintances so that it will survive.

It was truly a magical “HELLO”, but you haven’t forgotten about the weeds in the flower beds have you? This is what the Center Surround looked like when I returned.

This is what the center surround looked like the next morning. A propitious start but lots more to do. The faeries seem to take it all in stride. I take comfort from their optimism.

The perverbial crap really begins to hit the fan this week. People who have gotten away with being nasty to others for way too long begin to be pulled up short. Are you one of them? If you are, don’t resist. Accept the lesson and say “THANK YOU”. If you’ve been on the receiving end of things, don’t gloat. It’s just more negative energy and negative energy has had its day. Create a positive image in your mind and stick with it. Otherwise you will be swallowed up by the black hole of karma and be required to face the lesson again. OH NO!!!!!

Goddess e-Diary Ministerial Muses—7.6.14

I finally found some breathing space to sort through my last Florida photos and put together a report on the West Gate Initiation that happened on May 11.

The West Gate has been colonized by Bird Faeries. The natural religious traditions I follow generally attribute the element of water, healing, and water sprites to the West. It was clear to me more than a year ago, however, that it would be Bird Faeries who predominantly settled there. The other Faerie Folk tend to steer clear of the area, although I am told that they are welcome there at their own discretion. (It’s interesting that Bird Faeries congregate on the west side of Jo Ellen Gorris’ Clay in the Garden where we do Faerie Tours.)

The core group of SCNY in Florida gathered in the afternoon for a special meditation to open and activate the new energies coming in from the West.

To prepare, I placed the glass trinket which Mary Keith bestowed on the Goddess Garden two Christmas’ ago in the West.

Then I added an ostrich egg which was given to me by Emily Stein, a long standing member of the New York group.

Next was the green glass crystal gifted to the faeries by Jo Ellen. (Green glass is good luck in a garden.)

Then came Jo Ellen’s wounded mermaid, which replaced the small fountain-planter I had originally put in the West. I lit a candle next to it; then lit a candle in the Tree Babka’s Sanctuary Light, and we were ready to begin.

The group entered the Sanctuary area from the West, transversed the Sanctuary Patio, and entered the outer level of the Inner Sanctum. The meditation was powerful but without much higher explanation. What was clear was that the Front Surround had been attuned and we were ready to begin working at the inner levels.

New levels of awareness become possible as the last of the clouds around the new energies disperse. Spend time in contact with higher level workers from the other realms. They will be very communicative this week. The opportunity to gain insight into the new consciousness won’t last forever. Make time to access this information this week.