10.11.15 Ministerial Muses

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I’m back in New York after almost three months in Florida. My stay in Bradenton was grueling this time and extended a month because of the emergency conditions. We had serious rainfall, not as bad as South Carolina, but after a decade or more of drought conditions, the downpours were a shock. My yard was under water for about a third of the time I was there. An old roof leak opened up and part of my ceiling collapsed and I was up two nights emptying buckets down the sink to keep the water at bay. Trying to find and stop a roof leak is a great spiritual exercise. Water is an adversary that is quietly and consistently pervasive, nearly imperceptible, and unrelenting. My world became very small and immediate indeed. The point of the lesson I believe.

Then there was the pit bull attack. Yes, the little pit bull that tried to kill me in May was back in my yard, much more aggressive than the last time, and accompanied by his sidekick chihuahua who was barking nonstop at his heels as he came at me again and again.

I was swinging my shovel back and forth as fast as I could, trying to keep him at bay while I screamed “Help me!” at the top of my lungs. It seemed to go on for hours but was probably only a minute or two in duration. Then someone called to him from the house on the corner and he and his sidekick left as quickly as they arrived. Because I wasn’t able to get a photograph of him while he was attacking me, no ticket was issued by Animal Services. When I asked if the two previous tickets that were issued had been served, the Animal Services Officer couldn’t verify that they had been. Fortunately, the deputy who arrived in response to my call to the Manatee Sheriff’s Office, while he didn’t have legal grounds to file an official complaint, managed the situation in a way that finally stopped the owners of these vicious dogs from letting them run loose for the duration of my stay in Bradenton.

Now, I‘m back in New York and the grueling stress is mental rather than physical. I have publishing deadlines to meet, and after telling publicists that review copies that they send to me would be safe with my doormen, it turns out that they weren’t. They have disappeared from the building’s front desk and the post office is still trying to track them down.

I keep reminding myself to ask, “What is the lesson I am supposed to be learning here?” In the meantime, while I’m figuring it out, I’d give my kingdom for a good night’s sleep! Can anybody out there relate?

The time of balancing and testing is over. If you have done the work, you will be amazed at how quickly your world returns to normal. Don’t look back. Keep moving forward and trust that your newly formed skills and the forces of the universe will carry you to safe ground and beyond.

Ministerial Muses—10.4.15

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The Herbie Rose Village of the Arts Center, Gallery, and Gardens opened this weekend at the ArtWalk in the Village of the Arts.

Zoe Von Averkamp did her usual outstanding job despite the recent loss of Jerry, her beloved husband of 57 years. The Center displays a selection of Herbie’s work in an understated and very serene environment.

There are lots of original watercolors (carefully curated by his wife Graciela Giles) as well prints of his work. I was struck by his cutting edge use of color. He drew on his tropical roots and elevated it to something new and unique. I remembered the exhibit of FSU faculty art I recently saw at the The Ringling Museum. I was also struck by the collective use of “neo-tropical” color and light in that exhibit. As my friend Bernie Popovich and I looked through this carefully selected collection of Herbie’s work, I couldn’t help but think that he had influenced a whole group of local artists with his work. His legacy is indeed something to be proud of.

CLICK HERE to see more of Herbie’s work.

Old-timers like myself know that the Village of the Arts exists because of Herbie’s stature, vision, persistence, and ability to get others to work together toward a common goal. I happened to cross his path at Playing for Change a few weeks ago. He and Graciela were enjoying the music of the day despite his recent serious health challenges. He greeted me with his mile-wide smile and a hearty hello. I wasn’t sure he actually knew who I was. It didn’t matter. He welcomed everyone into his world with the same robust enthusiasm. He is one a kind. Bradenton is lucky to be graced with his presence.

This week finally brings the relief we’ve been promising you. Adversaries are finally running out of ammunition. Naysayers are finally starting to doubt their preset convictions. As you discover that you are one of the few left standing, your world will become a much happier place. Empowerment comes from inner strength, not from outer defenses. Stay centered in resolve and watch your world become a heavenly place.

Ministerial Muses—9.27.15

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My friend Sue died last week. She fought the good fight against the onslaught of Parkinson’s Disease for a very long time. The disease was gaining on her when an infection following a surgical procedure brought the battle to an end.

The surgery seemed to go well, then a raging fever sent her to the ICU. She stabilized and seemed to rally and was released from ICU. We all began to hope that she would make it home to spend a little more time with us. It was not to be. A few days later she slipped into a coma.

Two days after that, I felt her call me to come. I sat by her bedside and meditated with her for six hours. I recalled a past life that we seemed to have shared as monks in a monastery. She was the Abbot and I was her protege and successor. “That makes sense,” I thought. “She was my teacher in a past life.”

A little while later, I saw people begin to line up on the other side. I had the sense that they all knew her and, like me, had benefited by the prior association. “We’re here to make sure she doesn’t stumble as she makes her way to the other side. We’ll make sure she makes it safely to the other side.”

Next I saw an angel on a motorcycle arrive. “I’ll drive you over to the other side if you want.” When I told Sue’s daughter about the image, she said “She’s waiting for a Corvette.” The Corvette finally arrived Friday morning and she was gone. Her daughter and her husband were with her when it got there. When two or more of you ask…

Godspeed, Girlfriend. You will be missed.

This is a week you will remember. Much changes. Much is resolved. Much is revealed. Take it all in and sit with it for awhile before you take action. You are prepared to make the correct decisions. Don’t rush the process.

Ministerial Muses—Garden e-Diary 5.17.15

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Let me try and get you caught up with the Goddess Garden. I’ll start with the front bed.

I’ve been desperately trying to get the bed across the front of both properties banked up and planted so that it makes a buffer against the noise and mess across the street. Nature, however, is a formidable adversary and the weeds grow faster than I can pull them out. Still, I keep trying.

Last November I started rounded off the East end of the bed. It’s the most visible from the road and from my neighbors house.

In February I continued with that section, banking up on the outer side of the cement block edging. I transplanted several sprouts from the firecracker plants in the center of the bed, along with wedelia shoots.

Only one of the firecracker sprouts survived while I was north, but the wedelia is making a good start creating ground cover.

I’m slowly making progress getting it all cleaned up. It’s been a challenge because it’s been unusually hot for this time of year, and because the neighbors pit bull has been running loose and almost mauled me one afternoon. Fortunately, I had a shovel with me at the time and managed to fend him off, but it left me really shaken. Who knew gardening could be so dangerous!

I’ve continued banking up the backside of the bed and I’ve added several more firecracker shoots, a small palm tree, and an orange tree that started from a seed under my Valencia tree on the back of the property. The oranges will be bitter, but I’ll use them in cooking, and it will be a pretty tree.

The lilies I got from Mr. Beyers before he moved away are providing quite a show, and along with the hibiscus blooms, the firecracker red, and the splash of purple, the front of the bed is delightful to work with right now. It’s incentive to keep working.

Emotional swings may occur this week. There is lots of confused energy and some of it is causing turmoil. Know that most of your uncomfortable feelings will be about what is going on around you and not internal. Still the discomfort will point to unfinished business in our psyches. Sorting through it will be valuable even if it’s not what you want to be doing right now.

Ministerial Muses—4.12.15

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Spring has finally arrived in New York! Purple crocuses have popped up all along The High Line. The staff has been busy trimming away the remnants of last year’s foliage, making room for more bulbs to send shoots up above the soil. This begins an exciting time on the elevated park. Every trip will bring something new, pushing through the surface and bursting into brightly colored blooms. Nature flourishes in its own way in the city—in window boxes, in trees nearly encased in cement sidewalks, in community gardens. When spring arrives in city park areas, however, nature has a chance to show off. There are glorious surprises everywhere. It is truly a time of rebirth and rejuvenation. It’s a time to claim that energy within ourselves.

(Faerie Encounters™ will be back soon!)

As the cycle of increased energy continues to level off and find a natural balance, more bright spots appear on the horizon. An easier time is truly beginning to take hold of the earth plane. Let go of fearful thoughts and hold positive images in your mind. There is much to be gained if you are willing to leave the past behind.

Ministerial Muses — 4.5.15

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The energy shift is palpable after last night’s lunar eclipse. As the fully lit moon came back into full view, there was a keynote in the air that heralded a new start. What that means will be different for each of us. The global time of testing was not only meant to strengthen us, it was also intended to sharply focus our intentions. The point was to flush out and remove anything and everything extraneous. Now that the process has been completed, the brakes have been released. We will all move forward according to our individual needs and skills. It is an adventure. Who knows what lies ahead of us?

As the earth plane energy surges forward, opportunities begin arriving faster than we can accept them. Discrimination is crucial. Look carefully before you leap. We will all begin traveling very quickly now. That means that a faulty decision will carry us a long way down the wrong road. Impulsive choices may be hazardous for your long term gains.

Ministerial Muses—Loss—1.11.15

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Loss …
perhaps defines our lives
more than what remains

The sense of emptiness
reflected back to us
from the world around us
marks the parts of us
which have been sealed off
against the pain of wanting
without receiving.

Loss takes us to the places
inside ourselves
that are too deep within
the darkness to access
any other way.

We feel what we
choose not to see.

When we finally let go
of what we have not mourned
our muscles wobble
with the release.

And then the truth
begins to come into focus.

Seeing it clearly
might take a very long time.
But once the letting go has begun
the truth will eventually
have it’s moment in the light.

the moment comes
when we least expect it.

© 2015 Anna Jedrziewski and InannaWorks

The world begins to look different this week. Challenges move aside. Insight arrives. Decisions become obvious. Move forward with conviction. Gains are manifesting as tangible rewards now. Participate fully. Allow joy back into your life.

Ministerial Muses—Anxiety—1.4.15

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Anxiety is fear dressed up
and made presentable.

It can vibrate so quietly
that it is almost imperceptible.

It can sneak up on us
when we least expect it.

It can increase in intensity
until it blocks out almost
every other sensation.

It erodes our happiness
and our health
if it is ignored.

It lets us know
that something isn’t right
if we listen to its plea for help.

We can form a partnership
with anxiety.

We can use it
to keep ourselves moving forward.

We can use it
to make the changes
that we are reluctant to make.

We can use it
as an excuse to do nothing.
We can hide behind it.

Anxiety is a sign
that growth is possible
if we rise to the challenge.

Anxiety is the rapids
which we must navigate
to get to the next level.

What lies beyond the rapids
is never clear —
until we are on the other side of them.

Anxiety is the gift
that puts our life
back into our own hands.

© 2015 Anna Jedrziewski and InannaWorks

This week brings healing, resolution, and conclusions. Whatever you have been working for arrives. The news is mostly good, barring the odd disappointment. Whatever missed the mark was not meant to be. Something better will present itself soon. Celebrate your accomplishments but keep moving. There is still much ground to cover.

Ministerial Muses—Fear—12.28.14

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Fear seeps into every cell
once it gains access.
We are programmed to
awaken to its prompting.

A sense of well-being
is more difficult to maintain.
It requires effort to sustain.

Fear fills the screen of perception
and becomes all that we can see.

Fear pounds through our veins
and thunders in our ears.

Fear fills us with adrenaline
and makes us want to lash out.

Fear separates us from others.
It drowns out our sense of connection.

Fear makes everything
except reaction impossible.

We must train ourselves
to react by shutting down
the fear response.

To respond to fear
with calm and active grace
is the step upward.

The presence must be
pumped through our veins
with unwavering diligence.

With effort, it will become
a natural response
to external stress.

In time, it will be
the instinctual choice
we make when assaulted.

It will become
our way of being.

First, however, it will
wait in the wings
for us to summon it.

© 2014 Anna Jedrziewski and InannaWorks

The new vibrations announce their presence with a bang this week. Expect major changes and major movement forward. The restraints have been lifted and momentum picks up quickly. Don’t mistake movement for achievement, but also recognize that some activity is meant only to move you to a better position without immediate gain. Inner wisdom is more important now than ever.

Ministerial Muses—Initiation—12.21.14

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If quiet follows chaos,
a heightened awareness
arrives on the silence.

Chaos abrades the nervous system.

Chaos overloads perception.

Chaos makes us want
to return to the womb.

If that attempt takes us inward
and we arrive with open eyes
and listening ears,
we begin to sense
barely perceptible vibrations.

The task then becomes
to learn the language
of those vibrations.

The messages received
make little sense at first.

Gradually, the messages
reveal truths that
we have not heard before.

Perhaps we shut the sound
of those truths out of our awareness.

Perhaps those truths
are truly new ideas for us.

Perhaps there are no new ideas.

Perhaps there are
only patterns redefining themselves.

Perhaps it all comes down
to one sacred sound
from which every idea comes.

And then the chaos begins again.

© 2014 Anna Jedrziewski and InannaWorks

Lightness arrives on the earth plane with the Winter Solstice, literally and figuratively. Time becomes manageable again as it is put back into perspective. Material concerns begin to evaporate as priorities shift and natural resolution is allowed to occur. Embrace your friends in spirit and accept your adversaries with compassion. Things are different now. Make the change.