Ministerial Muses—Gwen Ifill, where did you go?

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My first thought when I heard was, “How could you leave us now when we need you the most?”

Selfish, self-serving, and short-sighted though it was, it was also reflective of the climate that followed the presidential election. And, as it turned out, Gwen was there for us as she has been for decades, to light the path ahead for those who choose to see beyond the drama that continues to keep the masses mesmerized.

I got a knot in my stomach when I noticed her absence on election eve. And Judy Woodruff’s grief stricken face as PBS Newshour acknowledged her passing, reflected my feelings on her loss completely, without a word needeing to be spoken.

Then I realized that sitting in her seat was a next-generation, male immigrant, Hari Sreenivasan. His low-key confidence bespoke the fact that he had earned that chair according to Gwen’s standards — and her choice did her proud as the Newshour began a sad but positive transition to the next level.

In a time when the news media seems to have sunk to a new low, Gwen’s hundreds of mentees stepped forward to speak of her, without exception, in terms of their personal loss (rather than their self-engrandizement) and the legacy they valued and hoped to live up to.

As all this unfolds, I can’t help but wonder how equality in this country might be different if Whitney Young had been healthier and able to continue his fight for equality in the boardroom. But that’s another PBS story.

Lastly, I come to realize that when I turned on the PBS Newshour, I didn’t do so thinking that I was supporting a female journalist or an Afro-American journalist. I relaxed as I tuned PBS in and let my guard down to listen to a woman whom I trusted to tell me her observations honestly and from a thoroughly researched perspective. May those she gave a leg up to continue to honor her by measuring the job they do according to her standards — until they develop standards that surpass hers. (And that would be the greatest way to honor her.)

Godspeed on the next leg of your journey, Gwen. I am so grateful that you touched my life for as long as you did. We will miss you. But then, you’re not really gone, are you?

MESSAGE FROM THE GUIDES… Turmoil comes in the wake of recent changes. Ignore the chaos. Do your own thing and wait for it to be over.

Ministerial Muses—Altars in the Village of the Arts

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The creative altars throughout the Village last weekend inspired James Lotus of 11th Street Gallery to create a special altar project. He began making small wooden altars on posts and distributing them through the Village. So far he’s got twelve of them up. If you stop by the gallery he’ll give you a map that shows where they are located.

The Village of the Arts is getting more exciting everyday!

MESSAGE FROM THE GUIDES: This week’s super full moon is sending lots of creative, mysterious energy to the earth. Soak up the creative, mysterious vibrations when they are at their peak Sunday night and Monday.

Ministerial Muses—Rest in peace … Happily!

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This weekend’s Day of the Skeleton celebration in the Village of the Arts was a huge success. The annual homage to those on the other side has been increasing in popularity every year. Word seems to still be spreading because the turnout was super terrific this year!

Parade-sized puppets were better than ever.

The altars to the dead — some inside, some outside — get more creative each year.

Baobab Tree’s altar for Gordon, who crossed just last month, was particularly poignant. He is missed, but so present in every corner of the gallery.

The common Village altar paid tribute to David Bowie this year, an electrifying choice and perfect finale!

THE GUIDES SAY: It’s a new year and a new start. Make the most of it. Begin now. Claim your right to the power which is now emerging and use it wisely.

Ministerial Muses—6.12.16

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Spirit Connection New York extends our condolences, prayers, and healing thoughts to the people of Orlando. We pray that the victims of this tragedy find their way quickly and safely to the other side.

I, personally, call on everyone to ponder on the fact that this nightmare was deliberately visited on both the LGBT and Latino communities. May the thoughts that fueled this attack be tempered, healed, and transformed.

Bridges not walls. May peace and love prevail.


Ministerial Muses—Peace Meditation

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Ministerial Muses—10.18.15

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After spending late spring and early summer up north working and problem solving, she returned to the Goddess Garden exhausted, confused, and disheartened. The faeries seemed to barely notice her return. She could feel their busy hum throughout the yard but they were submerged in the energies from the other realms.

She sat inside the screen porch next to the house the first night surveying the mess that had been waiting for her. The yard was in the worse shape it ever had been in. Because the local drug dealers had started letting their pitbulls run loose in the neighborhood again (as part of their latest harassment escalation), she was afraid of being sued if someone was bitten on her property and had stopped having the grass cut. She was replacing the lawn with an extensive landscape project. Raised flower beds would curve around the property and a tree-lined “country lane” would wind across the whole yard next to a dry river bed that would provide extra drainage in heavy rains. It was an ambitious plan and there had been much left to be done when she last left town. She had sprayed an herbicide on the areas of grass that hadn’t been dug up to kill it while she was away. Unfortunately, it hadn’t worked, at least not for long.

Early the next morning, she put on work clothes and went to work with shovel, rake, and clippers. The temperature was in the high 90’s with humidity to match. She took frequent breaks but managed to put in at least five hours almost every day, digging, pulling weeds, and pruning. Then a lengthy spell of heavy rain moved in. The yard was underwater for days at a time. Still, she would wade out to high ground and pull weeds furiously.

She was so consumed by the arduous work that she almost forgot about the faeries. Then one day she noticed that pink flowers had started to bloom all over the yard. The pink-tinged bougainvillea around the outer wall of the Goddess Garden seemed to blossom overnight. The little wild lily she had found in the yard and replanted next to the screen porch was suddenly full of little pink star-like blooms. Next the large pink lilies she had planted across the front of the yard began to bloom again. They had bloomed full force when she was there in the spring and should have been done for the year, but one after another they kept sending up stalks which opened into bright pink trumpets. Finally it dawned on her that the fey folk were letting her know that they were there with her, helping as best they could. Her burden lightened as she began to feel them beside her when she worked.

Then one afternoon she began weeding a large elevated bed where she had planted three jacaranda trees with rows of small cuttings in between them. The trees were thriving but the cuttings had been eaten up by the weeds that took over while she was away—or so she thought. As she yanked the overgrowth out of the bed she suddenly realized that a lot of the cuttings were alive and well under the weeds. As she carefully pulled the weeds away uncovering more and more of the cuttings, she began to hear the small faeries clapping cheerfully. “We told them you’d be back to save them,” they sang. “We told them not to give up.”

That night she sat on the front patio with a glass of wine, despite the noise from the drug related businesses (working well past the hour when they were supposed to stop) and despite the glare from the rows of bright fluorescent lights which now lit up the building next door and flooded the stars out of the night sky. She let her weariness (and the wine) overtake her as she thought about where she would begin her work in the morning.

She was sinking into the weight of her tired body and the heavy fog that had begun to fill her brain when she became aware of a large figure moving slowly in her direction. She focused on the figure and began to see the blurry image of a women dressed in a flowing white dress. The Lady in White was clearly there for her, but made no direct contact as she moved gracefully around the the patio. The flowing movement filled the area with a powerful energy as she moved. There was something important happening but the Lady in White gave no clue as to what it was. Eventually the Lady in White faded away without communicating anything but her presence.

A special blessing had settled over the garden and its creator. The moon rose majestically as if to confirm the power of the occurrence. The scent of flowers wafted through the yard.

Then the sound of car engines and noisy tools came back into her consciousness. Still, something was different. But what?

©2015 Anna Jedrziewski and InannaWorks

Reprinted from Let the Spirit Guide You!
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This week begins a new cycle of growth and prosperity. Let go of limitations and expect abundance. Be generous. Be grateful. What you focus on will be magnified and multiplied. Don’t waste this time on revenge. Your dream life is waiting if you seize the opportunity to move forward.

10.11.15 Ministerial Muses

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I’m back in New York after almost three months in Florida. My stay in Bradenton was grueling this time and extended a month because of the emergency conditions. We had serious rainfall, not as bad as South Carolina, but after a decade or more of drought conditions, the downpours were a shock. My yard was under water for about a third of the time I was there. An old roof leak opened up and part of my ceiling collapsed and I was up two nights emptying buckets down the sink to keep the water at bay. Trying to find and stop a roof leak is a great spiritual exercise. Water is an adversary that is quietly and consistently pervasive, nearly imperceptible, and unrelenting. My world became very small and immediate indeed. The point of the lesson I believe.

Then there was the pit bull attack. Yes, the little pit bull that tried to kill me in May was back in my yard, much more aggressive than the last time, and accompanied by his sidekick chihuahua who was barking nonstop at his heels as he came at me again and again.

I was swinging my shovel back and forth as fast as I could, trying to keep him at bay while I screamed “Help me!” at the top of my lungs. It seemed to go on for hours but was probably only a minute or two in duration. Then someone called to him from the house on the corner and he and his sidekick left as quickly as they arrived. Because I wasn’t able to get a photograph of him while he was attacking me, no ticket was issued by Animal Services. When I asked if the two previous tickets that were issued had been served, the Animal Services Officer couldn’t verify that they had been. Fortunately, the deputy who arrived in response to my call to the Manatee Sheriff’s Office, while he didn’t have legal grounds to file an official complaint, managed the situation in a way that finally stopped the owners of these vicious dogs from letting them run loose for the duration of my stay in Bradenton.

Now, I‘m back in New York and the grueling stress is mental rather than physical. I have publishing deadlines to meet, and after telling publicists that review copies that they send to me would be safe with my doormen, it turns out that they weren’t. They have disappeared from the building’s front desk and the post office is still trying to track them down.

I keep reminding myself to ask, “What is the lesson I am supposed to be learning here?” In the meantime, while I’m figuring it out, I’d give my kingdom for a good night’s sleep! Can anybody out there relate?

The time of balancing and testing is over. If you have done the work, you will be amazed at how quickly your world returns to normal. Don’t look back. Keep moving forward and trust that your newly formed skills and the forces of the universe will carry you to safe ground and beyond.

Ministerial Muses—10.4.15

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The Herbie Rose Village of the Arts Center, Gallery, and Gardens opened this weekend at the ArtWalk in the Village of the Arts.

Zoe Von Averkamp did her usual outstanding job despite the recent loss of Jerry, her beloved husband of 57 years. The Center displays a selection of Herbie’s work in an understated and very serene environment.

There are lots of original watercolors (carefully curated by his wife Graciela Giles) as well prints of his work. I was struck by his cutting edge use of color. He drew on his tropical roots and elevated it to something new and unique. I remembered the exhibit of FSU faculty art I recently saw at the The Ringling Museum. I was also struck by the collective use of “neo-tropical” color and light in that exhibit. As my friend Bernie Popovich and I looked through this carefully selected collection of Herbie’s work, I couldn’t help but think that he had influenced a whole group of local artists with his work. His legacy is indeed something to be proud of.

CLICK HERE to see more of Herbie’s work.

Old-timers like myself know that the Village of the Arts exists because of Herbie’s stature, vision, persistence, and ability to get others to work together toward a common goal. I happened to cross his path at Playing for Change a few weeks ago. He and Graciela were enjoying the music of the day despite his recent serious health challenges. He greeted me with his mile-wide smile and a hearty hello. I wasn’t sure he actually knew who I was. It didn’t matter. He welcomed everyone into his world with the same robust enthusiasm. He is one a kind. Bradenton is lucky to be graced with his presence.

This week finally brings the relief we’ve been promising you. Adversaries are finally running out of ammunition. Naysayers are finally starting to doubt their preset convictions. As you discover that you are one of the few left standing, your world will become a much happier place. Empowerment comes from inner strength, not from outer defenses. Stay centered in resolve and watch your world become a heavenly place.

Ministerial Muses—9.27.15

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My friend Sue died last week. She fought the good fight against the onslaught of Parkinson’s Disease for a very long time. The disease was gaining on her when an infection following a surgical procedure brought the battle to an end.

The surgery seemed to go well, then a raging fever sent her to the ICU. She stabilized and seemed to rally and was released from ICU. We all began to hope that she would make it home to spend a little more time with us. It was not to be. A few days later she slipped into a coma.

Two days after that, I felt her call me to come. I sat by her bedside and meditated with her for six hours. I recalled a past life that we seemed to have shared as monks in a monastery. She was the Abbot and I was her protege and successor. “That makes sense,” I thought. “She was my teacher in a past life.”

A little while later, I saw people begin to line up on the other side. I had the sense that they all knew her and, like me, had benefited by the prior association. “We’re here to make sure she doesn’t stumble as she makes her way to the other side. We’ll make sure she makes it safely to the other side.”

Next I saw an angel on a motorcycle arrive. “I’ll drive you over to the other side if you want.” When I told Sue’s daughter about the image, she said “She’s waiting for a Corvette.” The Corvette finally arrived Friday morning and she was gone. Her daughter and her husband were with her when it got there. When two or more of you ask…

Godspeed, Girlfriend. You will be missed.

This is a week you will remember. Much changes. Much is resolved. Much is revealed. Take it all in and sit with it for awhile before you take action. You are prepared to make the correct decisions. Don’t rush the process.

Ministerial Muses—Garden e-Diary 5.17.15

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Let me try and get you caught up with the Goddess Garden. I’ll start with the front bed.

I’ve been desperately trying to get the bed across the front of both properties banked up and planted so that it makes a buffer against the noise and mess across the street. Nature, however, is a formidable adversary and the weeds grow faster than I can pull them out. Still, I keep trying.

Last November I started rounded off the East end of the bed. It’s the most visible from the road and from my neighbors house.

In February I continued with that section, banking up on the outer side of the cement block edging. I transplanted several sprouts from the firecracker plants in the center of the bed, along with wedelia shoots.

Only one of the firecracker sprouts survived while I was north, but the wedelia is making a good start creating ground cover.

I’m slowly making progress getting it all cleaned up. It’s been a challenge because it’s been unusually hot for this time of year, and because the neighbors pit bull has been running loose and almost mauled me one afternoon. Fortunately, I had a shovel with me at the time and managed to fend him off, but it left me really shaken. Who knew gardening could be so dangerous!

I’ve continued banking up the backside of the bed and I’ve added several more firecracker shoots, a small palm tree, and an orange tree that started from a seed under my Valencia tree on the back of the property. The oranges will be bitter, but I’ll use them in cooking, and it will be a pretty tree.

The lilies I got from Mr. Beyers before he moved away are providing quite a show, and along with the hibiscus blooms, the firecracker red, and the splash of purple, the front of the bed is delightful to work with right now. It’s incentive to keep working.

Emotional swings may occur this week. There is lots of confused energy and some of it is causing turmoil. Know that most of your uncomfortable feelings will be about what is going on around you and not internal. Still the discomfort will point to unfinished business in our psyches. Sorting through it will be valuable even if it’s not what you want to be doing right now.