Ministerial Muses—Loss—1.11.15

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Loss …
perhaps defines our lives
more than what remains

The sense of emptiness
reflected back to us
from the world around us
marks the parts of us
which have been sealed off
against the pain of wanting
without receiving.

Loss takes us to the places
inside ourselves
that are too deep within
the darkness to access
any other way.

We feel what we
choose not to see.

When we finally let go
of what we have not mourned
our muscles wobble
with the release.

And then the truth
begins to come into focus.

Seeing it clearly
might take a very long time.
But once the letting go has begun
the truth will eventually
have it’s moment in the light.

the moment comes
when we least expect it.

© 2015 Anna Jedrziewski and InannaWorks

The world begins to look different this week. Challenges move aside. Insight arrives. Decisions become obvious. Move forward with conviction. Gains are manifesting as tangible rewards now. Participate fully. Allow joy back into your life.

Ministerial Muses—Anxiety—1.4.15

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Anxiety is fear dressed up
and made presentable.

It can vibrate so quietly
that it is almost imperceptible.

It can sneak up on us
when we least expect it.

It can increase in intensity
until it blocks out almost
every other sensation.

It erodes our happiness
and our health
if it is ignored.

It lets us know
that something isn’t right
if we listen to its plea for help.

We can form a partnership
with anxiety.

We can use it
to keep ourselves moving forward.

We can use it
to make the changes
that we are reluctant to make.

We can use it
as an excuse to do nothing.
We can hide behind it.

Anxiety is a sign
that growth is possible
if we rise to the challenge.

Anxiety is the rapids
which we must navigate
to get to the next level.

What lies beyond the rapids
is never clear —
until we are on the other side of them.

Anxiety is the gift
that puts our life
back into our own hands.

© 2015 Anna Jedrziewski and InannaWorks

This week brings healing, resolution, and conclusions. Whatever you have been working for arrives. The news is mostly good, barring the odd disappointment. Whatever missed the mark was not meant to be. Something better will present itself soon. Celebrate your accomplishments but keep moving. There is still much ground to cover.

Ministerial Muses—Fear—12.28.14

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Fear seeps into every cell
once it gains access.
We are programmed to
awaken to its prompting.

A sense of well-being
is more difficult to maintain.
It requires effort to sustain.

Fear fills the screen of perception
and becomes all that we can see.

Fear pounds through our veins
and thunders in our ears.

Fear fills us with adrenaline
and makes us want to lash out.

Fear separates us from others.
It drowns out our sense of connection.

Fear makes everything
except reaction impossible.

We must train ourselves
to react by shutting down
the fear response.

To respond to fear
with calm and active grace
is the step upward.

The presence must be
pumped through our veins
with unwavering diligence.

With effort, it will become
a natural response
to external stress.

In time, it will be
the instinctual choice
we make when assaulted.

It will become
our way of being.

First, however, it will
wait in the wings
for us to summon it.

© 2014 Anna Jedrziewski and InannaWorks

The new vibrations announce their presence with a bang this week. Expect major changes and major movement forward. The restraints have been lifted and momentum picks up quickly. Don’t mistake movement for achievement, but also recognize that some activity is meant only to move you to a better position without immediate gain. Inner wisdom is more important now than ever.

Ministerial Muses—Initiation—12.21.14

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If quiet follows chaos,
a heightened awareness
arrives on the silence.

Chaos abrades the nervous system.

Chaos overloads perception.

Chaos makes us want
to return to the womb.

If that attempt takes us inward
and we arrive with open eyes
and listening ears,
we begin to sense
barely perceptible vibrations.

The task then becomes
to learn the language
of those vibrations.

The messages received
make little sense at first.

Gradually, the messages
reveal truths that
we have not heard before.

Perhaps we shut the sound
of those truths out of our awareness.

Perhaps those truths
are truly new ideas for us.

Perhaps there are no new ideas.

Perhaps there are
only patterns redefining themselves.

Perhaps it all comes down
to one sacred sound
from which every idea comes.

And then the chaos begins again.

© 2014 Anna Jedrziewski and InannaWorks

Lightness arrives on the earth plane with the Winter Solstice, literally and figuratively. Time becomes manageable again as it is put back into perspective. Material concerns begin to evaporate as priorities shift and natural resolution is allowed to occur. Embrace your friends in spirit and accept your adversaries with compassion. Things are different now. Make the change.

Ministerial Muses—Clouds—12.14.14

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Clouds roll across the sky,
trailing their morphing shapes
across the blue expanse.

A story unfolds.
Am I reading it correctly?

I am searching for answers
sometimes desperately
as my life morphs along
with the clouds.

Peace is a forgotten reality.
Turmoil is the order of the day.

Lessons don’t often come
on the wings of angels.
They arrive in the midst of
toiling and travail.

Surrender, says the guru.
Are you crazy, says the mind.
Both are correct responses.
Both will move me along the path.
Both will interfere with my progress.

It is up to me to write the story.
I cannot read someone else’s
version of my life anymore.

The clouds don’t carry the answer.
There is no answer.
There is only the ongoing question.

My life is an unanswered question.
My life is a morphing cloud.
Hope is being replaced
with suspended judgement.

Is it a gift?
Will I be able to accept it?

© 2014 Anna Jedrziewski and InannaWorks

This week brings answers to questions you have been asking for a long time. The big picture may not be what you expected to see but most of you will be pleased. Increased effort over the next few weeks brings increased results. Focus on your goals and don’t slack off.

Ministerial Muses—Cocoon—12.7.14

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The smoke from the fire pit cocoons me
as I search the dancing flames
for mystical salamanders.

I know that I am changing.
The world reflects my status.

Burning off outworn parts of myself hurts.
Loss is never easy.
It doesn’t matter what is lost,
the surrendering of it is distressing.

I search the sky, looking for opportunities.
Releasing opens the door for blessings.
The sky is cloudy, like the smoke.

I am in the middle of the process.
There is no clarity yet.
The stars speak to those who know
where they are going.

I see a salamander jump from under a log
across the dancing flames.
It lifts my heart a bit.
It disappears within the smoke and
I return to my lonely reverie.

Being stripped bare is scary stuff.
The less that’s left, the more will come.
A bird in the hand….
I’m arguing with myself.

The flames dance higher in a sudden burst.
My attention is turned back to the process.
In the middle of transformation there is only process.

I will be all right.
I am always all right.
Is that a good thing?

What will I become?
What am I trying to become?
I don’t remember the plan anymore.
I think the plan is transforming as well.

I must remain suspended
despite the anxiety of uncertainty.
Anxiety is the internal flame of change.
Anxiety replaces desire as fuel for the engine
when the soul is moving up the ladder.

I only see the smoke.
My eyes begin to burn.
I surrender and move my chair away.
I have had enough transformation for today.

© 2014 Anna Jedrziewski and InannaWorks

Things are changing to a more comfortable circumstance. It’s not your imagination. The stress is abating and will continue to do so. Survey your world and prioritize things that need replaced in order of importance now. You might be surprised what you pick. Go with your instincts and steer clear of uninvited advice.

Ministerial Muses—Demise—11.16.14

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Fear rolls through a dying society on softly padded paws,
like a misty tsunami,
obscuring the truth.

In already decaying neighborhoods, it builds up strength.
A dull roar at first,
then a pounding drumbeat,
and finally the sound of thundering hooves
destroying everything in their path.

In fancier neighborhoods, it whispers quietly in the night.
First to the children.
“Don’t think about how scared you are.
Turn the anxiety into fear and attack,
or disappear into hopelessness
and refuse to participate.
This is not your fault,
and you can never make it better.”

The secret weapon is isolation.
Any effort at resuscitation must be squelched,
Hope must never gain a foothold.
Hope is like a disease without a cure.
If someone catches hope and spreads it to another,
demise might suddenly become strength on the next level.
“When two of you ask in my name.”
Anyone who still believes in the miracle
must be silenced by whatever means necessary.

And this is the most important thing…
The enemy must always be somewhere else.
Don’t ever let the citizenry focus on fixing
the problem in their own backyard.
The battle must always be at a distance.
All effort must be expended in futile attempts
to change things over which there can never be control.

As the sound of thundering hooves gets closer,
I want to save you but I can’t.
We all decide whether or not we will survive.
Our choice is our legacy
and the lesson we leave to those
who come after us.

Who will embrace that tolling bell …
and who does the tolling …
and who will be left to hear it …

© 2014 Anna Jedrziewski and InannaWorks

This is the week when truth begins to make sense. Rebirth is never easy. That’s a myth. Rising like the phoenix happens in the minute between deciding to transcend and beginning the work at the next level. No one can live there. Recognize the work that fills your life with joy and embrace it with all your heart. The rewards are in your efforts.